Simultaneous Interpreting Solutions

With the globalisation of trade, a large number of events are now welcoming visitors from all over the world. In this very international context, simultaneous interpretation is an essential lever in the transmission and understanding of information by all participants.

We offer you specific technical solutions according to the profile of your event and its audience.

  • Conferencing systems
  • Required number of languages translated
  • A partnership with Bosch

Simultaneous interpretation equipment adapted to your events



Additional accessories for simultaneous interpretation equipment: additional power supplies, rings for discussion unit, audio extension unit, protective devices…


Single, double or triple simultaneous interpretation cubicles, designed with optimal equipment dimensions for the comfort and safety of interpreters.


High quality stereo headphones for enhanced comprehension and comfort.


Delegate microphone 

Robust conference microphones for making announcements or round table discussions.

Simultaneous interpretation system  

Discussion units and multi-channel conference systems, loudspeakers and microphones.

Guided visit

Audio equipment for guided tours, multi-channel transmitters, receivers and headsets.