Research and development department

GL events Audiovisual is constantly monitoring technological developments and, through a Research and Development department, integrates new audiovisual and IT solutions into its activities. Previously a fringe activity in our business, IT has become essential for all trades.
A real asset for companies looking to stand out from the crowd, we are able to offer you innovative and original solutions.


Our team is dedicated to sourcing the latest innovations and their applications in the event industry:

  • Interactive content
  • Software solution development
  • Touch solutions
  • 360° Video
  • Augmented reality
  • Robots
  • Holograms

These new solutions allow you to have an immersive experience, communicate in another way or create a particular atmosphere on your site.


Robots of different sizes and shapes for various uses: interactive conferences, event organisation…

Augmented reality

Headphones and augmented reality devices to realistically embed virtual 2D or 3D elements on a real image on a stand, in a welcome area, on a visual or for an original animation.


Software for all types of platforms and for various applications, configurable on request according to requirements. 

Total immersion

Virtual reality device providing total immersion in a virtual world with or without the possibility of interacting with the environment. t. 


Device for creating a realistic 3D image using a process of photography in relief. The perfect way to present a product in an original way