Lighting / Structure solutions

For all your event lighting projects, we design customised solutions to make your event an unforgettable experience.

  • Event lighting 
  • Architectural lighting
  • Exhibition lighting: trade shows, stands, reception areas
  • Stage lighting 
  • Creation of light shows, stage design

Create an atmosphere, dress up a space, enhance decorations, enhance a building, the possibilities of lighting are endless

Structure and accessories

Beams and rigging structures, slings, lifting accessories, motors and remote controls.

Traditional spotlights

Traditional spotlights, profile spot, follow spot or low voltage for various museographic or stage set uses.

Ambient, decorative and museographic projectors

Lamps, projectors and lighting devices from the most traditional to the most original for all types of decorative uses. Spotlights and lamps for mood lighting, exhibitions, museums, trade shows…

Automatic spotlights

Projectors designed for all types of events, from live performance to architectural lighting, with various effects and options. 


Rigging of lightweight construction, robust and mobile, mounted on a base for variable height.

Follow spots

Follow spot projectors for various uses, designed to subtly follow the movements of artists or speakers.

Digital dimmers

Wide choice of devices to vary the electrical power delivered to the projectors and lighting equipment.


Light ambience effects: black light, fairy lights, mirror balls, fog and smoke machines, stroboscopes… 

Consoles and operation panels

Manual or automatic operation panels, with or without a memory, to record sequences and control the lighting system. 


Electric hoists and secure lifting devices for lighting grids and bridges.

Gas discharge lamp projectors

High performance projectors operating on the principle of discharge lamps.

LED projectors

State-of-the-art LED projectors for unsurpassed luminous efficiency and energy savings.

Power block

Power distribution block in traditional spotlights via a number of circuits.

Signal transmission

Wireless transmitters for DMX transmission up to 512 channels.

Stands and hooks

Secure stand and hook systems for projectors and lighting devices.